It is over 20 years since New Nordic first launched Blue BerryTM tablets, and it is with great pride that we now can celebrate this 20th anniversary year. Blue Berry is today sold in almost 40 countries and is the most popular vitality - and leading natural eye supplement - in Scandinavia.   

            The small berry with big effects

The key ingredient in Blue Berry is wild Swedish low-bush blueberry. This type of blueberry has been popular in Sweden for centuries as a food, and today its known, and proven repeatedly, to benefit eye health. The deep purple color inside the blueberry is what nourishes the eye’s vision center, called the macular, and helps maintain healthy eyesight.


Blue BerryTM actually contains a spectrum of colored pigments in the form of flavonoids (yellow), anthocyanins (dark purple) and carotenoids (orange) including lutein.


Produced in Sweden at pharmaceutical grade and GMP certified production sites, we aimed to supply you with the highest quality and most beneficial amounts of eye health-supporting nutrients, in just 2 tablets a day.