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The Anatomy of A Healthy Lifestyle

What better time to re-evaluate one's health habits then at the beginning of a new season.

Winter has come to an end, which means over are the times of excessive Netflix binge-watching, hot cocoa, and comfort foods. With spring around the corner, it’s time to shed our hibernating ways and settle into routines that will benefit our health in the long run. What are some of the necessary elements that make up a healthier lifestyle? Here are a few ways you can jump-start your commitment to health this season.

woman sleeping

A good night’s sleep

It might be hard to believe but a good night’s sleep starts with your eating habits. If you are one to skip breakfast due to a hectic morning or overindulge at supper time, chances are your sleeping patterns will be disrupted. Some have found that consuming more fibers and less saturated fats can help one’s sleeping habits. Therefore, the outcome of your sleep begins early on in the day, from the moment you wake up. Eating healthy meals throughout the day will supply your brain with the right nutrients to ensure a good night’s sleep. Did you know that a bit of walnuts can go a long way if you are still struggling with catching those z's at night? They are rich in magnesium, which lowers cortisol levels and helps you relax. Therefore, with proper eating habits, you are one step closer to drifting on into a restful sleep.

people walking and biking

Shape up and energize

With better weather here, there is no excuse to stay indoors and avoid spending time outside. Whether it’s riding your bike, going for a run, or simply joining friends for a walk, being outdoors helps you get energized, especially after a sedentary winter. What can also help you get a boost of energy this spring are vitality-boosting foods. Artificially sweetened and sugar-loaded foods should be avoided as they trick the body with a boost of temporary energy followed by a crash. Therefore, making sure that your diet contains iron-rich foods and vitamin B12, will give you the energy you need to spring into the new season.

woman looking in the mirror

Stay beautiful inside and out

You don’t have to deny it; the warmer weather entices you to put more effort into your overall appearance. You want to make sure you are flaunting your shinier hair and glowing skin in the beautiful spring air. You might have already tried some topical options to restore your locks and skin, but the results are temporary. To ensure the long-term effects of beauty, it’s crucial to supply your hair and skin from the inside. A diet rich in omegas and antioxidants can help moisturize both to give them that fresh vibrancy, long after the spring and summer seasons. Therefore, a supply of the right nutrients can feed your hair and skin back to health after the dry winter months.

               Of course, these are just a few of the ways you can begin “de-winterizing” your habits this spring and embark on a new season filled with healthier long-term routines to benefit the overall anatomy of your lifestyle.


By Jennifer Soueida, B.Sc.