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It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts – Beauty from Within

Beauty is skin deep and this is especially true when it comes to supplying your body with the right nutrients to make your natural beauty shine.

We’ve all heard the expression “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” However, this goes deeper than you might think. In an age where beauty standards seem almost impossible to keep up with, we tend to resort to all kinds of topical solutions for our hair, skin and nails in order to turn back the hands of time. From lustrous locks, to radiant and youthful skin, we are looking to obtain healthy and natural beauty at any cost, every day.

The key to outer beauty is, however, skin deep, quite literally. It has been said that it’s not what you put on your hair or skin that counts, but rather how you supply them that will help you achieve that natural and healthy look you are searching for.

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But what causes one to pursue natural beauty? Why is there a toll that is taken on our hair, skin and nails as time goes on?

The quiet beasts that can affect your natural beauty

  1. It’s completely impossible to live in a chemical-free world as they are all around us. From air pollution to chemical additives in cosmetics, exposure to these types of factors can be hard to avoid. Therefore, with time, these contaminants may begin to have an effect on our hair, skin and nails. Hair tends to become dull and lifeless, skin becomes damaged and nails become frail.
  2. Free radicals are a by-product of (normal) cell function, however, exposure to detrimental factors in our environment, food, and habits can generate far more of those free radicals. When they form (and are not scavenged by antioxidants) they can damage the cell's DNA, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. Long-term this can visibly affect hair and skin appearance.
  3. Your body needs to have a constant supply of essential elements to keep it functioning properly. So, when your body is lacking certain nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, this can take a toll on your appearance in the long run.


By supplying your body with the proper nutrients, the effects of the environmental pollutants and free radicals may be delayed. With proper nutrition and supplementation, you can help maintain the volume and health of your hair at the root. In turn, your skin may benefit from a continuous source of nutrients to help keep the collagen - the main protein in it - elastic and functional, therefore possibly helping to maintain your skin's health and appearance. Your nails can also benefit from this approach as it helps them to become less fragile and brittle.

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Ultimately, proper nutrition and dietary supplementation is key to your long-term healthy and youthful appearance, as beauty starts from within.



By Jennifer Soueida, BSc.