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3, 2, 1…Happy Liver!

Whether it's the beginning of the year or not, we all aim to look and feel healthy. Why not incorporate some well known herbs that can help get you on the right path to health ?

It’s the beginning of a new year, which usually means new resolutions, new goals, and guilty feelings about reaching over for that extra piece of pie during the holidays. You’re not alone! However, like most, we are also to blame for setting ourselves up for failure with unrealistic expectations for our health. What you don’t realize is that you don’t have to resort to crash diets or strict exercise routines. In fact, nature has some well-known ingredients that have been proven to help promote health to not only your body, but some of your vital organs like the liver.


  1. Artichoke

Thought of as a vegetable, artichoke is actually a flower bud. Originating in the Mediterranean, this plant comes from the thistle family and has been used for centuries to treat digestive ailments. Among the many nutrients they include, artichoke leaves contain an antioxidant known as cynarine that is recognized to increase bile secretion by the liver. Fun fact: It’s cynarine that gives the artichoke its bitter taste. When you eat a heavy or rich meal, bile helps promote a better digestion, especially of the fats. To add to it all, the artichoke also stimulates the elimination of toxins in the liver. Its purifying effect helps relieve overburdened livers, especially after the holiday season.

milk thistle

  1. Milk thistle

Another beautiful flower that comes to the liver’s rescue is milk thistle. From the same family as the daisy, this herb grows in the Mediterranean and has been used in natural medicine. One of the most common uses for milk thistle is to help promote liver health. Its active ingredient, silymarin, is an antioxidant that not only enhances liver function but also helps rid the body of free radicals. Talk about flower power!


  1. Turmeric

Flowers and plants are not the only things that can help keep your liver healthy. Turmeric, the golden spice originating from Asia, has very beneficial properties when it comes to health. Not only is it known to be an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, but it also improves liver function. Its antioxidant components help rid the liver of free radicals and keep it healthy. Including it into your diet can be a great way to jumpstart the health of your liver.


            So, whether it’s January 1st or just another day in the year, it’s time to take care of your liver. Cleanses and detoxes can be hard to follow and can leave you feeling worn out. However, when combining these three ingredients, you can gently take care of your liver all year long without the harsh side effects. How you might ask yourself? Active LiverTM is a supplement made from all these herbs and is known to help keep your liver healthy all year round. Now that’s something to celebrate!