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How Detoxes Can Keep Your Body Out of Trouble

Cleanses and detoxes are not a luxury but a necessity to keep your body out of long term trouble. It's time to get rid of those toxins that are lurking and making you feel unhealthy.

It’s almost inevitable when a new year begins, new goals are set. Some resolutions revolve around success in the workplace, others around family and friends. But most of them are focused on diet, exercise, and all-around health. We definitely tend to hit the reset button on how we manage our health as soon as the holidays are over, but often times it's not done safely. We get ambitious about cleansing our bodies from those pastries and elaborate feasts we have inhaled and often achieve this by rebooting our systems with a detox.

"Body detoxification" or what is often referred to as a "cleanse", are both terms that have been very popular in the 21st century’s health industry. What we might not realize is that this practice has been around for much longer. In some Ancient civilizations, leeches were used to remove toxins from the body. We have come a long way since then! Now we either go for a temporary fast, a liquid regimen, or a quick fix diet. However, these are usually hard to stick to and only have temporary fixes and long-term detrimental effects. It’s important to use the right ingredients to help keep your body out of trouble all year round. 


Turmeric, a spice used for centuries in India, has come to the Western part of the world, and for good reason. It’s the rhizome of the Curcuma longa plant, which is in the same family as ginger. Recent research has shown that this spice contains a myriad of health benefits from pain relief to liver health. When turmeric is included in your daily routine, it can help protect and support the liver, which is the body’s detox organ as it removes waste and toxins. Too many toxins can interfere with optimal bodily functions and can contribute to you feeling more sluggish, fatigued and overall less healthy. Thanks to the curcumin turmeric contains, this potent spice helps stimulate the release of bile from the gallbladder, improving liver function, and supporting the natural cleaning of your body. With this, you’re therefore one step closer to the healthy detox your body needs and craves, and further away from the toxic overload that you were carrying.  

Milk Thistle

Another herb that should be part of your detox journey is milk thistle. This plant, native to the Mediterranean region, has been used since 40 A.D. for its health properties. With its name derived from the milky white liquid that oozes out of the leaves as they are crushed, it also helps rid the body of toxins and waste products by protecting the liver and supporting its function. It’s a tool that has been long known to help the liver clean or detox our body. Let’s not forget, toxins can obstruct the normal functioning of our body. They can make you feel dull, lead to weight gain, and even skin issues. So, getting rid of these toxins helps keep your body healthy.

You might still be skeptical about detoxing your body, thinking it’s a luxurious routine. However, this has become a necessity more than ever for the health of the liver. Being the largest internal organ in your body, a cleanse aids its functioning and keeps the body out of trouble.

Active Liver

By taking Active Liver TM, you can achieve this cleanse on a daily basis, with just one tablet a day. It uses these potent ingredients to help your body detox gently all year round.


By Jennifer Soueida, Bsc.