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Earth Day is the most magical day for us

Learn more about our passion for plants at New Nordic and how exciting the world of plants and nature is when it comes to your health and wellbeing.


Nature is what we do. We have worked with plants and herbs for over 30 years. Our scientific herbal study databank, which we have collected over the years, has over 5000 studies. The plant and herbal extracts we use in our product compositions are always 100% of natural origin. 

Plants have a lot to offer to us all. Many herbs and spices have significant benefits for our bodies and our wellbeing. They help our bodies maintain our all around wellbeing.




New Nordic’s founder, Karl Kristian Jensen’s dream 30 years ago, was to establish a company that develops exceptional herbal-based products. He wanted to help people live their best, healthier life with effective  supplements and beauty products. 

Earth Day is the most important international awareness day for us as we are very passionate about nature and all it offers. 


karl kristian founder


Plants exist everywhere on earth, and allow all living beings to thrive. 

They also have a secret life that we have only now got glimpses of. Plants grow in an environment rich in diversity from bacteria, fungi, and bugs. Without balance in this complex ecosystem, life would not flourish on our planet.

Plants are not just static parts in their environment, they actively take part in creating their own environment and evolution. Plants react to their environment by changing the orientation of their leaves and growing according to the seasons. They absorb the carbon and release oxygen. They even change air currents by providing shade. This is natural magic.


herbs and fungi


 We are very lucky to be working with Francois Gerard, whose knowledge of plants is extraordinary. 

He is the creator behind many of our remarkable health promoting and inner beauty products. He has dedicated most of his life to the study of plants. François spends as much time travelling to distant places in the world investigating rare botanicals in their natural unspoiled environment as he spends in the laboratory. His extensive knowledge of the plant kingdom allows us to bring you products designed to support your wellbeing.

Our most iconic products have surprisingly common ingredients. We use blueberry in one of our iconic product, Blue Berry. Apples are behind the power of Hair Volume and Apple Cider products. Melissa Dream brings you relaxation and rest with chamomile and lemon balm. The hardy maritime pine bark powers Active Legs. 


francois gerard


We are very passionate about plants and the possibilities that they hold for improving our health and vitality. Every New Nordic product we make is a concentrated capsule of science, plant knowhow and passion for health and wellbeing. For creating the best and most efficient supplements, we use over 200 different plant-based raw material extracts in our products to have the optimal efficiency.



We invite you to discover the wonderful world of plants with us and the ingredients we use in our products.


karl kristian and francois


If you want to know more about the plants powering our products, you can discover more about an ingredient on each products’ pages.

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