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Your Hair Through the Years

As we age, hair changes overtime and so does its health. Even though it's part of getting older, there are ways to maintain its strength no matter the milestone.

Just like most things in life, hair goes through several changes in a lifetime. From being brittle, to going grey, your hair may see it all. Most of these changes are linked to specific factors like diet, stress, changing hormones levels, medication, harsh hair colouring products or age. Whatever the situation may be, we’ve all been there. The question remains: what makes hair change so much and how can we help keep it healthy regardless? Let’s take a look at every stage of your hair and examine those changes a strand at a time.


3 generations

Hair goes three life cycles known as growth, rest and fall. It’s born in the hair follicle
located in the dermis. In total we have between 100,000 and 150,000 follicles, where 20-30 hair life cycles can happen in a lifetime. But what happens to our hair at each milestone in our life?

In your 20’s, hair is usually lustrous and full of life. However, some changes can still
occur like thinning or brittle hair, and hair loss. These may be due to stress, changes in hormone levels or dietary deficiencies.
During pregnancy, the female body produces much more hormones which in turn stimulates the growth phase of the hair’s life cycle. That’s why many women boast about having luscious and thick hair when they are pregnant. However, after delivery, and with other hormonal changes, hair can start to shed more or become more brittle or dry.
In your 40’s is when those dreaded white hairs start to sneak up. Most women resort to dying their hair with those harsh chemicals that can of course weaken the natural hair, leading to more hair loss. As menopause sets in, the female hormones decrease even more, affecting the hair follicle and accelerating the hair’s life cycle.

hair follicle

No matter what stage you’re in, certain nutrients are known to support your hair health from the inside out by supporting the vitality of your hair follicle. Nutrients like apple extract, biotin, millet and silica have been shown to help maintain the health of your hair. It can be challenging to incorporate all these ingredients into your diet. Luckily, the supplement Hair Volume, contains an effective amount of each in a tablet, one tablet a day to be exact. This award-winning supplement is known help support hair health and strength no matter how old you are.